Gender Reveal: #TeamPink or #TeamBlue?

We were so excited to find out the gender of our sweet little baby that we couldn’t wait until the 16 week anatomy appointment! We booked an ultrasound package at with a 4D ultrasound center that included a recorded DVD of the entire ultrasound, 10–4×6 color prints, baby’s heartbeat recorded, and the gender determination. We also elected to purchase an adorable teddy bear that the recorded heartbeat was placed into, so that when you squeeze it you can hear baby’s heart. So special!


It was really a wonderful experience! I’d recommend it to anyone who just can’t wait, like us, or who just wants some more time seeing their baby on the screen. At doctor’s offices, you’re often rushed in and out for a quick scan just to make sure everything is healthy. But at a specialty place like this, the whole purpose is just to see your baby and spend more time “together.” The place we chose had a big, comfy, leather reclining chair for me to sink back into. I didn’t want to leave! The images were on a giant flat screen TV in front of us, so everything was very clear and easy to see.


The morning of our appointment, Josh and I decided to get a little festive. We dressed in our pink and blue and went to our favorite place on the island for breakfast. That’s when I came up with the idea to do a #TeamPink or #TeamBlue post for our family and friends to guess. (When you live so far from everyone you love, you have to get creative to keep everyone involved and stay in touch!)

Joshua really, really, really wanted a baby boy first. Honestly, I wanted both a boy and a girl, but the order didn’t matter to me. Girl or boy, I was ecstatic and couldn’t wait to find out! But since I’ve always wanted a little girl, I wore my pink.

It took a little time to see it on the screen, but as you already know, it’s a boy!

PKP-GenderReveal4-31May2014 PKP-GenderReveal5-31May2014

Immediately after our appointment, we went shopping for our baby boy! We got the most adorable sleepers and outfits and it was such a special time together! We lined them up on the back fence when we got home for our “It’s a boy!” announcement. I changed into my blue pants (because… that’ s just me) and voila! We shared the photo with everyone and felt closer despite being so far apart. Such a wonderful day!


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