Our Pregnancy Announcement

Joshua and I wanted to announce our pregnancy in a special way, so we videoed the reactions of our family and close friends as we “casually” sprung the news on them. Our little surprise was a big surprise to everyone else, too! This video makes me so happy. It was fun to put together to use as our “public” announcement on social media!

We were already planning a trip home to New York from North Carolina at the end of March into early April, which just so happened to be the week of both my parents’ birthdays. I told them by writing in both their cards, “P.S. Your first grandchild is the size of a blueberry. Congratulations!”

Everyone else’s reactions were pretty epic, too. My cousin Amanda at the hair salon (I told her I was taking her photo as I turned on the video camera and told her the news); my cousin Melissa with the salt shaker (priceless!); my Dad’s double take; Josh’s stepmom’s squeal; my best friend Sue’s “Oh. Em. Gee.”; Josh’s brother DJ’s “What?!” and “My mind is blown right now!” My best friend Nikki was the first of my friends to know, and she surprised us with a Build-A-Bear for baby! Our family is all across the country, so we did the best we could with FaceTime and phone calls!

At the time we posted the video, my due date was November 26th but was soon after changed to November 27th — Thanksgiving Day!

Finding Out We Were Expecting

The day I found out I was pregnant was Monday, March 17th, 2014 — St. Patrick’s Day — what luck! Joshua and I were not trying to get pregnant at the time. We wanted to, but we had some issues we had wanted to take care of first and planned to start trying later that year — more on that soon. Every year since we were married, we would start off the year saying “Let’s start trying for a baby this fall,” and then when fall would come, “Let’s wait until next year.” I had actually just started tracking my cycle and taking ovulation tests to get a better sense of when would be the best time to start trying. So it was on our radar, and we were always so excited to grow our family, it just happened a little sooner than we were expecting.

The Saturday before St. Patrick’s day, we were out bar hopping and celebrating the holiday with our friends. Little did I know, that would be my last Blue Moon for a REALLY long time! Joshua had the morning off on Monday, and he was out working in the garage while I was upstairs working in my office. My iPhone buzzed with a notification — my period tracking app — telling me I was 9 days late.

“Nine days late?” I thought to myself. I felt butterflies in my stomach. I felt panic. I felt confused. “Nine days late? Really?” I ran down to the garage and told Josh I was headed to CVS to pick up a pregnancy test, #NoBigDeal. “I’m sure it’s just my cycle being weird again, but I’ll just double check. Be back in a flash!” He looked a little miffed but other than that, was totally calm. I felt so sure I wasn’t pregnant that I bought the cheapest CVS brand test they had.

I got home. I peed. I waited. And there it was… two blue lines. “Oh my god. Oh my god? Oh my god!” I ran back down to the garage. “Babe…”


I think his reply was a mix of excited cussing and “Are you serious?” and nervous cussing. Then of course, shock and surprise. And maybe a few more “Are you serious?” questions thrown in there.

I ran back to CVS to get a two more tests. One for right away, one for first thing the next morning (obviously the most expensive tests I could pick up after running back to CVS to make sure it wasn’t a generic test fluke, ha!). The second test from the twin pack as well as the third all confirmed that yes, yes! I was pregnant. We called my doctor and were able to make an appointment for my first ultrasound at what we assumed would be the 8 week mark, but it turned out I was only 7 weeks along at my first ultrasound. I was barely 4 weeks pregnant when finding out.

And so began My Pregnancy Story!


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