The Pregnancy Questionnaire


I didn’t have an active blog when I was pregnant, so I never got to fill out this monthly pregnancy questionnaire. But here is an edited/condensed version for all nine months! I’d love to post this monthly for my future pregnancies.

I’m also sharing some fun photos from this time of my life!

Maternity clothes? I lived in maternity clothes from about three months on. I loved my pregnancy jeans from Old Navy and my pretty tops and dresses from Motherhood Maternity. They also had clothes that fit my plus-size body!

Stretch marks? Yes, but not until after he was born and my stomach shrunk back down.

Sleep: Only possible with my Snoogle, the greatest invention ever! Joshua bought this for me early on when my back started to hurt after standing for long periods of time. It’s this S-shaped body pillow that you can use in all different positions to help you sleep comfortably. It’s the best pregnancy essential!


Best moment: Definitely finding out the gender. Joshua wanted a boy so badly, and I was so thrilled to see his reaction when we found out it would be a little boy!

Telling family and friends: We told my immediate family in person, Josh’s immediate family on the phone, and the rest of the world that wasn’t in our pregnancy announcement video found out on Facebook!


Movement: Baby boy was tiny, so I couldn’t feel him moving until later in my pregnancy as he grew bigger. I loved feeling him kick, and he was almost always in the same position with his head down. He also had the hiccups quite a bit and it was so cool to feel him hiccup during the day.

Food cravings: All summer long, I craved peach things. Peach gummies, peach tea, peach ice cream, peach everything. Then in the fall, I craved everything pumpkin. Pumpkin coffee, pumpkin ice cream, pumpkin pasta, pumpkin chicken, pumpkin enchiladas, you name it! I was obsessed.


Anything making you queasy or sick? Nope. Not at all, the whole 9 months.

When did you start to show? I didn’t start to show until around 16 weeks. I didn’t start taking weekly/monthly photos until 22 weeks, around when my body really started to change.


Weight gain: I gained around 20 pounds, which was right in line with what the doctors ordered based on my pre-pregnancy weight.

Labor Signs: Since I ended up being induced, I didn’t feel any labor signs until my water broke in the hospital and the contractions started!

Belly button in or out? Always an innie.


Wedding rings on or off? Always on.

Happy or moody most of the time? So freaking happy.

Pregnancy Wisdom: Invest in something to help you sleep well (Snoogle), something to help you dress well (maternity clothes), and something to help you record the journey (weekly photos, a blog, a pregnancy book).

Milestones: Making it to term at 37 weeks (and delivering 4 days later!)


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