Why PK?


Once upon a time in 2007 when Joshua joined the Marine Corps, he graduated from the School of Infantry as a Lance Corporal and was sent to his first unit at Camp Lejeune. His team leader decided that his last name was too complicated to spell or say, and he took the first and last letters and began calling Josh “PK.” It stuck, and the other Marines also called him PK. When we started dating in 2008, his friends started calling me “Mrs. PK,” which I secretly adored. Together with our little family, we are the PK posse!

Before we ever got pregnant, Josh originally wanted to name his son Joshua. I wasn’t a fan of the idea because I thought it would be too confusing/annoying at home, so I told him if he really wanted a Joshua Jr. then I would call him JJ, which he was super against.

Fast forward to when we chose the name Preston for our firstborn. We were trying to come up with a middle name, and I’ve always loved the name Kade. Josh didn’t like it as a first name, but when I suggested making it the middle name so his initials would be “PK” (after daddy), he loved it! It’s also the perfect nickname for Preston, our first baby PK.

Essentially, all of us are PK’s, but Preston gets the honor of carrying on that nickname without any explanation!


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