Coming Around Again

Lately I’m feeling the strongest pull to my blog, writing, and sharing my family’s memories. I haven’t been quite sure how to jump back into it, but you know how I feel about the first of  a new month… New beginnings! I have big plans to create a “personal brand” through both the stories I share on my blog and the photos I share on Instagram. I want to pack this place full of all that is good and beautiful in our lives, because we have been in a dark place for such a long while. My little family of 4 has been through tough, tough times these past couple of years. We have been in survival mode in so many ways, but it’s time that we finally THRIVE!

These are my goals in creating, or “rebranding,” our presence on social media:

  • Removing our last name from our public accounts. It’s okay that it’s already out there, but moving forward we prefer keeping that part of our family confidential for the sake of the boys as they grow up and come into their own. Who even knows what social media will look like by the time they’re older, but it’s obviously easier to share more rather than take back what is already out there. We’re still early enough into our story that I don’t feel like it’s too late to take that piece back.
  • Being more intentional with the photos I share on Instagram and other public social media spaces. For the most part, my personal Facebook account is locked down and as secure as any social platform can be; I don’t accept friend requests from people I don’t know personally unless we have a long-standing online relationship, which is actually the case with many of my military spouse friends from over the years! But in regards to Instagram, it’s all public.
  • I’m starting a new Instagram account. I’m going to make my public account (@danigracedaily) private so that I can archive it, then share all future posts to a new account (@thepkposse). With this fresh start, I can control what is public moving forward without worrying about what’s already shared in the past before we had kids. I’m also loving Insta Stories so much and hoping to share more there, too.
  • As impossible as it sounds, I would love to start creating a monthly vlog. I love watching other mommy vloggers on YouTube, and while vlogging is not my goal… I would love, love, LOVE to have a monthly video “recap” of sorts to share with the boys. They are so wild yet precious at these ages (3 and 1) and I want to remember these days forever… preferably in motion. This goal is far out there, but I’m putting it into the universe now to see what becomes of it.

Signing off for now! Can’t wait to catch up more! Have a happy weekend, lovelies!

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